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Urban Tree Consulting


Trees in the neighborhood have lots of benefits. They provide shade to cool the homes during the hot summer; they can improve the value of a home, and provide an aesthetically pleasing quality to the property they inhabit.

Trees are a living, growing thing and change as they mature. In the urban landscape trees require care to keep them attractive and add value to property. Poorly maintained trees can be a source of liability.

An Arborist is trained in the planting, caring for and maintenance of individual trees. An Arborist can study trees in the urban setting to determine the health, structure, safety or feasibility within a landscape. The care needed to sustain a tree's life and long-term benefits is something an arborist can provide.

Our firm has a licensed arborist on staff. He can consult with the homeowner, or small lot owner to discuss the health and care of trees. He also does insurance claim work for landowners and insurance companies regarding the valuation of damaged or lost trees done to the negligence of others.